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NeoVirgin Instructions for use 2019, reviews, effect - feedback, gel price, tightening gel, side effects - how to use? Philippines - originalA lot of women notice that after a while, their sexual life is different from what it used to be at their younger age. They start to notice changes in their vagina such as being too dry, too loose and/not firm as it should be.

There could be several reasons for this, some of which include age, pregnancy and child birth, sexual problems and other causes. Trust me, these changes are only normal and we are designed to experience them at some point in life.

However, to maintain the vagina’s health, it is of necessity to do certain things. To enjoy a healthy vagina, we found a product that could solve these problems, and the name is NeoVirgin.

Are you tired of a ‘loose vagina’ and you want it to regain it’s youthful appearance? Get NeoVirgin today.

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What is NeoVirgin?

NeoVirgin gel is the newest tropical gel of its kind that recently appeared online. This product is a herbal vaginal tightening gel made in such a way that it restores firmness and suppleness to the vagina.

Tightens and strengthens the vaginal muscles, ensures natural lubrication and generally eliminates vaginal dryness.

NeoVirgin gel is one hundred percent organic and is found to contain the main ingredient in it’s formula, Tremella- a genus of fungi, which possesses an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.

This gel is found to be convenient to use, and effects or results become visible after short time of use, according to the producers.

Wondering how this product works or whether or not it has side effects? Find out below in the following headlines.

What are the benefits of this product?

  • 100% natural: as stated above, NeoVirgin is one hundred percent organic and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is made from Tremella, a high viscosity plant fungus with antioxidant property which reduces inflammation and drying.
  • Narrows the vaginal wall: a lot of women discover that after a while, their vagina is not like it used to be at their younger age. It probably becomes wider, making sexual activities less enjoyable. This could be due to several reasons as stated above. However, NeoVirgin promises to shrink the vaginal wall, making it tighter and stronger.
  • Reduces dryness: asides tightening the vagina, NeoVirgin also does the work of a lubricant as it lubricates the vagina and reduces dryness.
  • Increases sensitivity of the vagina: NeoVirgin gel promises to increase the sexual libido in women thereby making sexual intercourse much more enjoyable with their partners.
  • Delays ageing: NeoVirgin normalizes the vaginal microflora, hence delays ageing and makes the vagina healthy.

NeoVirgin gel, ingredients, how to apply, how does it work, side effects

NeoVirgin tightening gel, side effects - how to use?According to healthcare online magazine, it is important that an intimate product (i.e one that comes in direct contact with the vagina) are made from non-allergic ingredients and substances. This is because the vagina is very sensitive and can react to several NeoVirgin ingredients external factors.

NeoVirgin gel has however taken all these into consideration. According to the producers on their website, they claim that the active NeoVirgin ingredients is Tremella.

It is a high viscosity plant fungus with astringent, healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties- exactly what the vagina needs to be in a healthy state.

This is the only main NeoVirgin ingredients mentioned on their website. We know there are other compositions, but to avoid contradictions and counterfeit products, they decided to keep it a secret.

If you are wondering about how to apply this product, we are here to tell you that NeoVirgin how to apply is very simple. A small amount (1 ml) of NeoVirgin gel NeoVirgin how to apply should be applied on the external genital area with gentle massaging motions with the fingers.

This should be done once a day. According to the producers, product must be used constantly for three months inorder to treat all problems and obtain desirable results, but usually you begin to see improvements after few days.

Also, for questions like ‘Neovirgin how does it work, the answers are right here! It NeoVirgin how does it work, works in such a way that it shrinks the hymen, tightens the vagina walls, soften the episiotomy, increases sensitivity during sexual acts and generally enhances lubrication.

So you don’t need to worry about dryness or a “loose vagina” as this product got you covered. Of course, there are usually side effects that come with using a product.

However, NeoVirgin, according to the producers on their website, does not cause any unpleasant side effects such as inflammation or redness because the formula used is totally plant based. NeoVirgin side effects.


The manufacturers claim that the gel does not have any negative side effects and is very easy to apply.

However, some exercises can be done to aid it’s progress.

Also regular check up with the doctor.

NeoVirgin opinions, forum, comments

NeoVirgin reviews, effect - feedback, forumAccording to NeoVirgin opinions comsumers’ website, it is a comparatively new product on the Internet, but it already has a good number of comments and reviews from satisfied customers.

Below you will know the opinions of current users review 2019 that we have collected from different online forums and official NeoVirgin forums. These opinions are from women who have used this product and have gotten results.

Actually most of the opinions on the forum have been positive, but for evidence sake, here are some of the opinions that we have gathered.


You can join the online forums on Facebook to be a part of the discussions about NeoVirgin.

You can even get at-hand opinions from people.

Says she wishes o be young not just in spirit, but also in body. She also wants to please her younger husband, so she has decided to try the gel. Rhikka shares she regularly uses the gel and has already gotten significant results.

Rhikka (age 37)

Has ordered the gel based on her friend’s advice. She says the muscles in the area tighten literally by themselves. Kim recommends the product to those with vaginal muscle tightness problems, especially after pregnancy.

Kim (age 25)

Has been advised to try the gel in a female forum. In the NeoVirgin comments She shares she just wanted to renew the feelings in bed with her man. Now she can see results.

Angelica (age 28)

Are you tired of a ‘loose vagina’ and you want it to regain it’s youthful appearance? Get NeoVirgin today.

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For some people that were not fully convinced about this product before now, we hope that these NeoVirgin comments have cleared your doubts and have been able to convince you that this product works exactly as the producers claim!

NeoVirgin how much does it cost, price

NeoVirgin gel priceFor people with questions like ‘how much does it cost’ or NeoVirgin how much does it cost. We are glad to announce to you that the it is totally affordable and pocket

Check out the NeoVirgin price website for the price of this product. The producers even offer friendly discounts( as low as fifty percent) on certain purchases.

Also, for people living in the Philippines, there is free delivery to whatever location you may be!


If you’re concerned about the price of this product, you can be rest-assured that it is very affordable, and you wouldn’t need to break the bank to purchase it.

NeoVirgin where to buy, pharmacy

NeoVirgin where to buy, pharmacyThere has been questions on NeoVirgin where to buy.

According to the their website, NeoVirgin has been made available in pharmacies and online shopping stores for easy acess to consumers.

Also check out NeoVirgin pharmacy online pharmacy today for the purchase of your product.


For NeoVirgin where to buy, it is advisable to buy directly from their website, a trusted pharmacy or a trusted online store to avoid purchasing fake products.

NeoVirgin lazada, amazon – Philippines

NeoVirgin Philippines - original, lazadaThe Neovirgin manufacturers say that the product is manufactured in Lazada, Philippines and the real.

Original NeoVirgin vagina tightening gel is available on the manufacturer’s website- NeoVirgin Philippines.

It could also be purchased on amazon at NeoVirgin amazon or on eBay. Check out NeoVirgin Lazada on eBay today.


NeoVirgin vagina tightening gel is best purchased on the manufacturers’ website.

But for easy access, it had also been made available on online shopping stores such as eBay and Amazon.

Most common questions and answers about the supplement:

  • Does this product leave a smell on the vagina?

According to the producers, NeoVirgin does not leave any smell nor irritation on the vagina. In fact, it acts as a natural lubricant and perform calming properties on the vagina.

  • Is this product organic?

Yes. NeoVirgin gel is 100% organic. Made from Tremella extract, a plant fungus that has several healthbefits to the skin and vagina.

  • Does it have a side effect?

According to the manufacturers, it it does not have any side effect.

  • How often should the product be used?

Product should be used once a day for a period of 3 months. Normally, you begin to notice changes within a week.

Are you tired of a ‘loose vagina’ and you want it to regain it’s youthful appearance? Get NeoVirgin today.

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  1. It is a very easy to use product, and application is really simple! Just think of rubbing or massaging a cream into your skin. It’s that easy!

  2. I have been having issues during sex with my partner as I don’t get wet easily. Penetration is usually painful and dry. But after purchasing this product, I can say i have noticed a drastic change!

  3. Just make sure you use it as directed by the manufacturers. I regularly use this gel and I have gotten significant results since then. I recommend it!

  4. Ever since my friend, Maya introduced this product to me, I have been enjoying my sexual life and a healthy vagina. This gel naturally soothens and eliminates dryness. Totally recommend this!

  5. I have used this product but there appear to be sharp pain during thrusting probably due to the tightness of the vagina, although it disappears right after. However in all, this gel is great.

  6. Childbirth for me has usually been painful as my babies turn out to be very big. There has been issues of tear and stitching up also. Trying to keep the vagina in the same state as it was before childbirth is not really easy, and can be frustrating. But after I got introduced to this gel, I can say I’ve seen positive changes. I recommend this gel to mothers or women with vaginal muscle tightness problems, especially after childbirth.

  7. How genuine is this product? I am asking because I would like to try it also but I’m concerned about side effects or the vagina going back to being loose after I stop using it. I need validation.

  8. With doubts in my heart, I started using this product some months ago and guess what! My vag*na has gotten really tight. I have recommended my sister and she has also started seeing results, even after childbirth. This gel is really good!

  9. I re-married a couple of years ago and I got pregnant despite my age and body. I also delivered my really big baby by myself, i.e without a C-section. And since then, I noticed a change in my vagina that made me kind of unhappy. I wanted to enjoy a youthful sexual life and body. I was introduced to this gel on the forum and ever since i started using it, everything about nut sexual life has been great. My man is happy, I am happy. I recommend this gel!


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